Lofi Interstellar

Interstelofi if you're a cool kid

Lofi Hiphop makes for good work music, and so does the Interstellar soundtrack, so why not combine them. This was made in Logic Pro X all with built-in instruments (no samples from the actual Interstellar soundtrack), and I've had to program in all the MIDI by hand as I left my keyboard at uni. Painful. Anyway, here are some things I found:

  • Logic's pianos sound pretty terrible, but they sound a lot less painful if you add a huge amount of reverb, take out the highs, and boost the lows. That's what was done to the piano in the middle bit, where everything drops out, and it sounds pretty spicy.
  • Adding lots of reverb seems to be a substitute for actual good samples, even if it makes everything a bit muddy
  • Sidechain compression is fun
  • The Alchemy Synthesizer is fun
  • Adding drums to music is not a substitute for actually making Lofi Hiphop
  • The ChromaVerb interface looks absolutely incredible